The Human Side of Tax Preparation

The Human Side of Tax Preparation

One thing that you can never forget when you are a tax preparer is the human side of tax preparation. When you are dealing with the public regarding issues of taxation, you are bound to encounter a wide variety of broke people. This is a funny video on that topic, to lighten the mood:

Many people are stressed out, overtired, and out of money by the time they come to do their taxes with you. How can you cheer them up?

It’s Not Always Easy to Be Positive

There are not too many people who enjoy being told that not only do they owe the government money, but they also, in addition to paying the government, have to pay you….to tell them they owe the government money. Uncle Sam and his trusty associate Franchise Tax Board can be a brutal combination sometimes, that is for sure.

Some tax preparers are only good with clients who are getting big tax refunds. And sure you can have some good times with those happy people.

But if you want to become a top-caliber tax preparer, you have to know how to crack a joke or give a much-needed discount when you see that someone is down and out and needs a positive interaction that you can provide because you are there at that moment.

Clients, even clients who owe large amounts of money, will absolutely LOVE you as a tax preparer if you handle these extra-sensitive situations with tact and humanity. If you look at some of the best tax preparers in this business, you will see that the human side of tax preparation is much more important than being able to crunch numbers and count beans.

It is all about sharing that word of encouragement or humor with the client; it’s the best part of being a tax preparer to share those moments with your clients where the feeling is “I am happy to be here with you, even if you do have bad news for me I trust you and value your service and I like seeing you and working with you each year.”

Tax preparers who treat clients with respect are privileged to have that feeling conveyed to them many times per tax season.

Tax Clients Facing Hard Times Appreciate Deep Discounts and a Few Good Words

Discounts to clients who are in bad financial straits are definitely part of the picture when it comes to being human-minded when working in the field of tax preparation; even the most distinguished CPA will sometimes do a few tax returns for free or very cheap each year out of consideration for the community in which he or she works.

Smart tax preparers realize that the true value in doing someone’s taxes and making them happy with your service is not that tax return, that small fee itself, but the goodwill and word-of-mouth that can travel around telling everyone else that you are someone who cares about people and is generous and fair to people. Good word-of-mouth travels fast online and in person.

If you are just starting out as a tax preparer, consider taking Pronto Tax Class to become a tax preparer, and plus there is nothing more important you can do for your career than to realize that this is a human being business with tons of numbers thrown in for good measure, yes, but in the end what really keeps clients in your client database is the way you treat your clients on a personal level.

As a tax preparer, you absolutely CAN truly help your clients to have a better day, a better year, a better life.

Next time you sit down with a client, concentrate on treating your client like a true individual, someone it is interesting to know and a pleasure to sit down with–an attitude like this will take you to the top of the tax preparer profession faster than any other skill or advanced designation.