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To Bring You this Exclusive, “All-in-One” Tax Software + Training + Support Package Designed to Minimize Your Costs and Maximize Your Profits.

Drake Software for Tax Pros

​After working with 20,000+ tax pros, while also running our own “scrappy underdog” independent tax business, we’ve identified three main challenges that independent tax pros are facing right now:

  1. ​​Difficulty in consistently, reliably acquiring new clients.
  2. Unacceptable cost structures!  For newer tax pros, or if you’re doing it part-time, the tools you need eat up too much of your limited income.   Meanwhile, those of us who do grow end up paying out the nose as we grow (profit margins often decline even as we add more top-line revenue … NOT FUN!)
  3.  Lack of support from trusted friends and colleagues, a.k.a. “I’m All Alone on Tax Preparer Island … Again.

Guess what?  Our exclusive all-in-one (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1041, and 990) tax software + training + support package helps you solve all three of these notorious pain points that have afflicted independent tax professionals for so many years! This software allows you to prepare taxes for business: 1040s. C Corps, S Corps, Partnerships, Trusts and estates.

    Built by Independent Tax Pros, for Independent Tax Pros.

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    More Training & Support Than Any Other Software Package, By Far

    ​Dare to compare this exclusive tax software package offer to all others!  We only ask that you compare apples to apples because our packages contain WAY MORE training & support than any of our competitors.  Check the specifics below and see for yourself! 🙂

    Dream Team Members
    30% Discount
    Regular price: $1,970
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    All-in-One” Software + Training + Support

    Feature List

    • 1040 tax software with all forms included
    • Corporation, Partnership, Estate / Trust modules also included (Forms 1120, 1120S, 1065, and 1041)
    • Personalized, 1-on-1 installation support
    • We provide you with suggested per form prices to make sure your fees are optimized
    • Step-by-step training video showing you EXACTLY how to set up pro-level email marketing for your clients
    • “Low Cost, Effective Facebook Advertising for Tax Professionals” training
    • All states included at no extra cost
    • Help converting from prior tax software
    • Help importing past year client data
    • Top-rated tech support team, CLUTCH reps!
    • Unlimited e-file (NO per return e-file fee)
    • Extensive software training walking you through using the software, including practice tax returns
    • “Plug and play” email marketing sequence to attract new clients (10 “ready to go” emails, plus full step-by-step training on how to set up your FREE email marketing system)
    • Access to past year tax software programs all the way back to 2004 at no extra cost
    • Access to past year tax software programs all the way back to 2004 at no extra cost
    • Add users at no extra cost (as long as all returns e-filed from same location)
    • Help setting up bank products and training on how to use bank products to increase your tax earnings
    • “Plug and play” Tax Marketing Power Pack created by our professional graphic designer, including flyer, business card, retractable banner sign, and referral coupon.  All materials in both English and Spanish!  (NOTE: we provide the designs, you pay for your own materials, printing, or other production costs.)

    Tax Pro Software FAQs

    This is Drake Software. Drake has have given us an exclusive deal that we can bring to our Members. You're welcome!
    AccorEach tax year is different with different rules the software has to account for and help you navigate. Regardless of which software you choose, your tax business should account for investing every year on the updated software. In other words, each year of software is a separate purchase. Partnering with a solid software partner year after year at an affordable price is important and that's why we give you so many years of past tax programs for the price of one year. dion Sample Description
    Absolutely! It's always a good idea to try before you buy. Here are the steps to download a Drake Software demo: Register here: After you register, log into your account, and go here to download the demo software: After you login, select “Download.”
    You can Google search "Drake Tax Software" and watch videos showing how the software works.
    Yes! Our tech support team will provide PERSONALIZED onboarding to convert your client database from you old software into your Pronto Tax Systems software. "Personalized" means that an actual human being will assist you step-by-step through the process.
    Our tech support team will help you convert from your files contained in professional tax software programs. We can convert files from almost any professional tax software. We do not convert client files from TurboTax® or other "do it yourself" tax software programs. If you have questions about whether or not we can transfer from a particular software or not, please feel free to contact our support team.
    You do not need an EFIN to purchase or use the software. You do need an EFIN to e-file returns to the IRS. If you do 10 or more tax returns professionally, you are required to e-file, unless you fill out an opt-in form. It normally takes about 45-60 days to get an EFIN from the IRS.
    Every professional faces a choice at some point: to concentrate on being the cheapest, or to concentrate on being the best.  We have made our choice to strive towards being the best, while also giving our Members GREAT prices.  Consider a few of the exclusive "extras" we give you in this package, that you can't get anywhere else, such as:
    • Software training including full practice tax return walk-throughs
    • Exclusive marketing tools that help you get more and better clients
    • Access to current year software NOW with purchase of next year's software - at no extra charge!)
    • 18 years of past year tax software with your purchase of this year's tax software - at no extra charge!
    • And more!  Look at the list above and please compare it to other offers!
    If any other company can give you all that we give you for less than we charge, please contact us right away to let us know who that company is! We will beat ANY price as long as they give you the same level of value we do(We haven't seen another company beat our offer yet, but if they ever do, just contact us right away so that we can get it fixed.) We are not in this game to just sell cheap tax software. We are here to propel independent tax pros to greater success and we have designed our exclusive tax software + training + support package with that goal in mind! With all that being said, Pronto Tax School Members do receive ADDITIONAL exclusive discounts on this package.  Click here for Membership Plans and the discounts that come with each plan.
    Having a full "suite" of tax software programs all the way back to 2005 is a HUGE benefit! This allows you to take jobs preparing "back taxes" which is one of the most lucrative types of work in today's tax industry. Over 14 million people are in collections with the IRS and many millions must file multiple years of unfiled returns. With our exclusive tax software package deal, you can do "back taxes" work, all for the cost of one year's software!
    Email marketing remains a highly effective, extremely low cost method of getting clients. The problem is, you have to write the emails, and set up the system. We remove those barriers to entry by just giving you the emails! And we even show you, step-by-step, in detail, how to set up an easy and free email marketing system.
    We paid our graphic designer to create a "marketing kit" for opening a new tax office, including flyer designs (available in English and Spanish), business cards, retractable banner sign, and referral coupon. You can use these designs and put your own company name on it. This gives you professional marketing materials at no cost to you.
    Pronto Tax School VP of Marketing Jeff Dolan will show you how to set up a simple, effective, and SUPER CHEAP Facebook ad for your tax business.
    Yes, all forms that are attached to a Form 1040 tax return or individual states (including PR) are included in the Individual module. Forms 1120 (C corporation), Form 1120S (S corporation), Form 1065 (Partnership), Form 1041 (Estate and Trust), and Form 990 (Non-Profit) are available with the Business module which is an add on (additional fee applies). If you would like to upgrade to add the 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, and 990 modules, please contact our support team.
    No. You have unlimited e-file included.
    No. You get all state forms included for the 1040 module.
    Great support, including straight up CLUTCH tax season support and personalized, one-on-one onboarding to help you get the software set up on your computer(s).
    In order to get this special deal for you, we are set up with the software supplier in a way where your software is associated with Pronto as "Master EFIN holder." We do not view your client database, require you to work with any particular bank, or do anything else to exert control over your business. Nor do we charge any fees beyond the software purchase price. We will always do everything we can to act in your best interests and keep you always free to do whatever you choose with your own business. We have plenty of our own tax clients and would NEVER try to take yours or harm you or your clients in any way. If you have further questions about how a Master EFIN works when buying software, just let us know!
    Software supplier has added a $5 per signature charge, to use the e-signature / remote signature feature of the software. You are not obligated to use that feature and, if you don't want to pay the per e-signature fee, you can always obtain a third party e-signature tool and use that.
    As long as you have Windows on your Mac, yes this software can work on a Mac.
    Yes, you can put multiple users onto the software on a network. For instance, if you work with three other people, all of them could work off your software license, as long as all returns are e-filed from one central location.
    GruntWorx is a software that automates your data entry for tax preparation; so in other words, the software allows you to scan tax documents and then the software fills out the tax return "automagically" without you doing the data entry. GruntWorx is directly integrated into this software package. However, it is not free or included with your purchase of the software. GruntWorx also charges a small amount "per job." If you have questions about GruntWorkx pricing, please feel free to contact GruntWorx directly. It's a very cool and helpful technology, and the fact that it's integrated into the software itself makes it a big WIN for you as a user...
    This offer is not valid in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Nebraska, due to a pre-existing business relationship that Drake has with another partner. Out of respect for their pre-existing relationship, please don't buy this software package if you live in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, or Nebraska. Thank you!
    Our tech support team provides you with ongoing tech support via email and phone included.  And that is included in this package. If you would like to be able to directly contact our Pronto Tax School Leadership Team to ask any questions about tax returns you're working on, how to grow your tax business, and anything else that's on your mind, we offer tax and tax business support through our Dream Team Membership. You can click here to learn more about and enroll in the Dream Team Membership.

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    Not sure which credential applies to your situation?  Click here to reach our support team and we'll help you decide.

    Let's Make Sure We Direct You to the Right
    Training for Your Needs!

    Please click the button below for your primary tax credential.

    Not sure which credential applies to your situation?  Click here to reach our support team and we'll help you decide.