Tax Pros vs. DIY Software Robots 2023

DIY Tax Programs vs. Hiring a Tax Pro

We’ve seen a most interesting “pivot” in the marketing of a certain “do-it-yourself tax software” that shall remain unnamed, but I can give you a hint:

This particular DIY Robot rhymes with “Rurbo Rax” and spends a lot of money on Superbowl advertising 🙂

More than a mere “pivot,” in fact, we’ve seen a complete reversal of messaging:

Tax Software versus hiring a Tax Pro

If I’m a potential customer, then, the question in my mind now is:

“So when you told me before that I could do my own taxes and it was easy… I guess that was not true? Now I need experts to help me?”

Note that I am NOT saying DIY Robot Software is “bad,” the companies selling this software are “bad,” or anything else negative of that nature.
I have a tremendous amount of respect for “Rurbo Rax” and actually think it’s a great solution for SOME people.
I’m one of those weird tax pros who actually likes Rurbo Rax, because all great competitors make us better, because they make us compete.
All I’m saying is:

This complete reversal in messaging undermines trust.

And exploiting (in a good way!) this “chink in the armor” of the DIY Online Robot is the savvy tax professional’s PROVEN strategy for winning this battle in 2023 and beyond.

As long as we are doing our jobs right, there is simply no way that our clients can trust a multibillion dollar corporation more than they can trust us.

EARNING and keeping that TRUST with our clients and potential clients, then, is the only thing we need to do to be successful now and into the future.

Our business seems complex sometimes, but at end of the day, it’s pretty simple–right?

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Meanwhile, we hope that these humble & “homemade” thoughts & strategies help you feel confident of your value today and every day.

And yes, you’re right, this does mean –> we’re winning.

Now let’s keep going and win even more!!!