Tax Pros Vs. DIY Robots

If you’re anything like most tax pros, you’re utterly exhausted right now.

But wait a second…I think that might mean that we’re about to win???

Because now I see that, after starting tax season down huge, tax pros have made an EVEN HUGER comeback over the past 8 weeks.

We are now almost back to even, in terms of the number of tax returns we’ve e-filed this year versus last year. The vaunted “DIY Robots,” a.k.a. “TurboTax® and Friends,” are down more than we are.

We’re down 1.1% and they’re down 1.5%.

And the IRS overall is down 3% in number of returns processed. So I guess that means we’re actually up? I was told there would be no math today, because it’s Monday? 🙂

Regardless, point being, just sayin’…we’ve got the DIY Robots on the ropes!

The events of recent years have completely destroyed the idea that it’s a good idea for everybody to prepare their own tax returns.

Meanwhile, hardworking, humble, expert tax professionals have continued to do the best we can, for every client we serve, with PERSONAL SERVICE that no DIY Robot can ever duplicate.

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