Tax Deadlines Extended for Parts of CA, GA, and AL

Latest Update About California Extension:

California decided to conform to (“match”) the IRS and extend deadlines until October 16 instead of the previously announced May 15 deadline.

Here’s Governor Newsom’s press release with details:

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Original Update About IRS Extension:

IRS extended a bunch of tax deadlines for clients in California, Alabama, and Georgia who have been affected by recent disasters (flooding, etc.)

Before you read the rest of this email, please remember that this is “hot off the presses” NEW information. As you know, IRS sometimes changes stuff after they say stuff, and you are 100% responsible for your use of this information. Always conduct your own due diligence, especially with new info!

The following deadlines have been extended all the way until October 16th for designated California, Alabama, and Georgia disaster areas:

  • March 15 S Corporation filing deadline
  • March 15 Partnership filing deadline
  • April 18 Personal tax return (1040) filing deadline
  • Q4 of 2022 Estimated Tax Payment deadline
  • Q1 of 2023 Estimated Tax Payment deadline
  • Q2 of 2023 Estimated Tax Payment deadline
  • Q3 of 2023 Estimated Tax Payment Deadline

Don’t believe me?

I wouldn’t either, it’s all pretty shocking.

Click here to read the news straight from the horse’s mouth (horse = IRS in this analogy).

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How do I find out which counties are eligible for these automatic extensions?”

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