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5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Income as a Tax Pro

There are many different ways to boost your income as a tax professional. One of the first things to keep in mind is that your attitude and the way you see yourself is key. You don’t want to just look at yourself as a tax preparer. Instead, you want to view yourself as a resource person to your clients. Some of the more effective and common ones will be covered in this article. Below is a checklist that you can print out and use anytime.

Tax Preparer: Charge Less When You’re New?

Let’s say you’re a new tax preparer, or you are new to a certain part of the tax business. What do you say when a potential business tax client asks how much you charge? We’ll help you answer those questions right in this blog.

Levels to the Tax Game: (Success in the Tax Business)

A career in tax preparation generally starts with loads and loads of learning followed by even more work. We find that success is not just measured in money. What is success to you? How do you create synergy between your career goals and your private life? We highly recommend you actually visualize your success. We share how to begin down this path along with the different levels of the Tax Preparation Profession. Check out the Pronto Tax School Facebook page to learn from your fellow tax professionals. Or, grow your career by taking one of our online courses to further develop your tax preparation career.