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Learn a New Career Safely from Home

Learn a new career safely from home. We can provide you with the training for a new career with unlimited earning potential. You can learn to become a tax preparer safely from your own home.

How Tax Pros Can Add New Revenue Streams?

Add bookkeeping services during the tax offseason. Or, build a working relationship with a self-employed bookkeeper. Add new revenue streams.

Solution for Job Insecurity?

Good paying unskilled positions are disappearing! Even Disney is Shedding 28,000 part-time positions. You can still grab your fair share of the American Dream by becoming a tax preparer.

Work from Home Jobs!

Looking for a job or even a career where you can work from home? We share how and why understanding the rules can be profitable. Now is an ideal time to become a tax preparer. We provide an eBook free to download that describes two potential career paths for new tax preparers.