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Get Your Very First Tax Client In As Little As 48 Hours

One of the main questions people ask when they first start out as a Tax Professional is, “How do I get my first client?”. There are two major ways to go about this. The first way is to put in enough time promoting yourself every single day for an entire month that would equal to roughly 48 hours. The second way is to aim for your first client within literally 2 days. So what ways can you achieve this? Let’s take a look.

Hours Cut? Become a Tax Preparer!

Tax preparation is an ideal career path for those of us who need a flexible work schedule. As a tax preparer, you can earn extra income as an additional job; or, you can choose to make tax preparation your full-time career.

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Write Off on Your Taxes (Until Pronto Taught You)

We discuss some of the things you might now have known you could claim on your taxes. These examples we review are just some of the tips and tricks that are contained in our online tax course.