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Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) Course

Exactly What to Do After You Pass Your IRS AFTR Course and Test

After you have completed your Annual Federal Tax Refresher course and test there are additional steps necessary. We explain in detail what those steps are and how to complete them.

87% of Tax Preparers Can’t Represent Clients If IRS Comes Calling?

Up to 87% tax preparers are powerless to represent their clients when those clients need their tax pro most: in the event of an unpleasant IRS event.

FAQ for CTEC Tax Preparers RE: AFSP

The relatively new IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), is a necessity for tax preparers who want the opportunity to represent their clients to the IRS.

How Hard is it to Prepare Taxes?

If you are looking to become a tax preparer, then of course you would want to know how difficult the process is before you jump right into the arena of tax preparation. As with any profession, the job seems a lot harder when you are looking in from the outside. That is not to say preparing taxes is easy by any stretch of the imagination, but the modern day tax preparer can get away with being a lot less educated due to the proficiency of today’s tax software. This article will answer the question of how hard it is to be a tax preparer in in turn give you some vital information when you start on your path to become one of the best tax pros in the business.