Supply vs. Demand for Tax Preparers Webinar

Pronto Tax School Free Webinar

Quick note for you that we’re doing a new, free training webinar for you next Friday, December 2, at 3pm EST / 12pm PST.

CPA Adam Shay will be joining us to discuss:

“Supply vs. Demand for Tax Preparers.”

You won’t want to miss this free webinar if you fit either of these descriptions:

  1. You are thinking about hiring or seeking to hire tax preparers, OR:
  2. You are thinking about or seeking a new opportunity for yourself as a tax preparer (for example, getting a job at a tax company or doing subcontracting work with a tax employer).

Click here to register for next Friday’s free webinar with CPA Adam Shay if this topic matters to you.

We do have limited seating, so grab your seat now if you want in.


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