Every Tax Preparer Is an Entrepreneur

All Tax Preparers Are Entrepreneurs

All tax preparers are entrepreneurs–but some of them haven’t realized it yet. What do we mean by this statement?

Well, it’s as simple as this: every year as a tax pro, you must COMPETE for your clients’ business, and in order to compete effectively, you have to summon your inner entrepreneur and market yourself effectively, “close” sales, and then market more and close more. 

If you don’t compete with an entrepreneurial spirit, you won’t win clients like you can and should! Click “read more” to read more, but before you do that, make sure to watch this classic movie clip:

Some tax preparers are like that guy getting his coffee after he comes in out of the rain: they think they have a secure situation (everybody needs to do their taxes, right?) but they don’t.

When you are becoming a tax preparer, whether through Pronto Tax Class or any other CTEC-approved basic income tax course, you have to realize that you are going to have to make your own luck. You are going to have to pursue further knowledge, you are going to have to interact with real people and convince them to trust you with their taxes, and you are going to have to perform and secure results for your clients.

Por favor, step up and be accountable and do what you need to do. It’s not that hard and it’s not that expensive, but you must be persistent and you can’t expect anyone to hold your hand. This attitude is the price of admission into the tax prep business!

The good news is that despite all the competition, you CAN do it. Most everybody DOES need to do their taxes, and with your Pronto Tax Class training, you know what you need to know to get started. Plus you have Pronto as a resource for future tax training and advice. Starting your own tax business is WAY easier than starting up almost any other type of business.

That being said, it’s still not easy. And it absolutely requires the right mindset: the attitude of an entrepreneur. Of someone who is ready to take charge of their own situation, meet client needs without making any excuses, and be persistent, persistent, persistent.

As we have interacted with Students over email and phone support, we are trying to be as helpful as we can explaining how to get an EFIN, how to get a PTIN, how to get registered with CTEC, etc. But we can only do so much, and deep down we know:

It’s not that you’re “on your own,” it’s just that if you want to be successful, it’s on you to do what it takes to get where you want to go. Nobody can do it for you!

Tax preparers who just want to come in out of the rain and have a cup of coffee and think that constitutes a “day at the office”…they are in deep, deep trouble. Tax business competition is getting more fierce every year both on service and on price. But these tax preparers are comfortable. They think they have clients that will come back every year no matter what.

Hungry Pronto Tax Class Students who summon their inner entrepreneur have an excellent chance to build a reliable and lasting source of income for the years to come simply by taking tax clients from those in this business who have become complacent.

And there are plenty of complacent tax preparers, we can guarantee you that! Ask either of the major nationwide tax preparation chains that have lost millions of clients over the past five years about what happens when you take the tax business for granted as “easy money.”

Another person’s complacent, non-entrepreneurial attitude is your chance to step in and take business and do a better job for those clients!