Student Welcome Page – California Only

Ready, Set, Go! But Read these Instructions First

Our goal is to live up to our name “Pronto” and give you an extremely efficient way to complete your CTEC-approved 5-hour continuing education course. In the interest of efficiency, please read these instructions before beginning your course.

If you prefer to watch your instructions rather than or in addition to reading them, watch this brief 3-minute video that shows you exactly how to use our online tax course system:


Here, too, are the written instructions of how to complete this course efficiently and successfully:

To start your course, click the “5 Hr California” link under the “Table of Contents” heading to your left.

You will then be taken to the Testing Main Page, which includes your course materials, and an online quiz.

First, download the text book as a PDF document and read the textbook.

To take the quiz, simply press the “Continue” button at the bottom of the Testing Page to begin your quiz, then press “Save” to submit your answers; submit your answers when you have answered all the questions on the page. There will be up to 4 questions on one test page. Completwe each page of questions until you’re done with that quiz.

If you need to pause your quiz and come back to it, simply press “Save & Exit,” this will save your answers and you can “pick up where you left off” when you start your next session.

You may also want to print out the entire PDF course so that you can have a hard copy reference for future use.

You must score at least 70 percent to pass the 5 Hour California Only Course.

If you don’t pass the quiz on the first time, just take it again. You will be given the answers to the questions that you did not answer correctly, and then you will just simply take the quiz again.

You can take the quiz as many times as you need to pass. When you do score at least 70 percent you’ll receive a message showing that you have passed.

Once you pass the 5 Hour California Only Course, we’ll report your passing score to CTEC and you’ll receive an email from us telling you exactly what you need to do to renew your CTEC registration.

And now, without further ado, go ahead and press that “5 HR California” link to your left and get started on your course!

If you need help, please contact the Pronto Tax Class Student Support team by email at .