Simple “Great Tax Career Checklist” – Free Download

Free Tax Career Checklist

It’s Freebie Fridays, plus it’s almost Christmas, plus you’ve helped Pronto Tax School enjoy our best year ever, therefore we want to give you a gift:

  • A brand new, SUPER SIMPLE (less than 1 page) “Great Tax Career Checklist.”
  • This new checklist shows the exact steps we recommend tax pros take to enjoy a truly great tax career.

We’re hoping this new Great Tax Career Checklist will help you if:

  1. You are looking for crystal clear and SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND instructions of exactly what steps you can take to enjoy a truly great tax career, and/or:
  2. You’re looking to help other people understand exactly what steps they can take to enjoy a truly great tax career (for example, if you’re mentoring an employee and she’s wondering what her future in this business can look like, you could give her this checklist and have a discussion about it).

If this sounds like a resource that could help you and/or someone you know, click here to download (for free) the Super Simple Great Tax Career Checklist.

I’ll leave this checklist available free for everyone until December 29, 2022 at 5pm Pacific Time.

If you have any thoughts about the checklist–such as you want to tell us we’re wrong about something on the checklist, or you feel like we are missing some steps–please reply to this email with your thoughts, so that we can continue to LISTEN to our fellow tax professionals and tailor our solutions to your real needs, rather than Pronto Tax School devolving into one of these “guru” situations that think we already know everything when in reality we have a LOT to learn ourselves, and we can and we want to learn from you.

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