Schedule C

Schedule C

Date: Saturday July 20th, 2013  from 10am – 1pm

Today’s session is all about Schedule C, the most common tax form used by self-employed people.  We will talk about what makes an expense deductible, how to account for “tricky” deductions such as car expense or home office expense on Schedule C, and the record-keeping requirements for Schedule C filers.  Self-employed people often struggle with the design of our tax code not only in terms of paying the tax due but understanding how the overall system works.  As a tax professional you can help self-employed people gain some degree of control over their tax situations and this can give the business owner a better chance of business success over the long term.

Location: Van Nuys Live Tax Training Center at 14435 Sherman Way #104, Van Nuys, Ca 91405

Cost: $49.00

Teachers: Pronto Income Tax Staff Professionals