Retiriement Accounts, Roth IRA’s, Social Security – Pronto Live Tax Class July 9th, 2013 3pm – 6pm

Retiriement Accounts, Roth IRA’s, Social Security 

Date: Tuesday July 9th,2013 from 3pm – 6pm 

Clients often think that their tax situation is going to get simpler in retirement but that is not always the case.  On the contrary, the taxation of retirement income is one of the more complex areas in the entire tax code, and this is one case where “what you don’t know will hurt you” and many taxpayers end up paying far more income taxes during retirement than they had anticipated.  In today’s Pronto Tax Class session, we’ll look at tax-deferred retirement accounts, Roth IRAs, and Social Security.  And we’ll seek to make sense of the retirement tax big picture for both ourselves and our clients.  During the practice tax returns section of this live class, we will sketch out several different retirement income scenarios, to see how decisions that taxpayers make can impact their income tax situations in retirement. 

Location: Van Nuys Live Tax Training Center at 14435 Sherman Way #104, Van Nuys, Ca 91405

Cost: $49.00

Teachers: Pronto Income Tax Staff Professionals