Another New Pronto Tax Website? Why?

by Andy Frye

People (including ourselves) sometimes become confused by the number of websites that we operate. Sometimes we feel like parents who had so many kids that we forget who is who.

Now that we have created yet another website,, it might be a good time to clarify how the Pronto Tax Family of Websites relate to each other.

Hopefully this will enable our customers to find the right website for your needs.  OK, ready, here we go!

Pronto Tax Family of Websites: Who’s Who, and Why – This the website for the “brick-and-mortar” tax preparation business, Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. This is where you go if you want to get your taxes done by one of our professional tax consultants, locate one of our brick-and-mortar offices, etc. – This was our first tax school website, founded in 2011.  It is the home of our “become a tax professional” basic income tax course. (Update: 12/10/2019 We consolidated this site into our website) – California tax preparers must take a 20 hour “update & refresher” tax course in order to register with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC).  We created this website specifically for California CTEC tax preparers and this has been our best-selling tax course over the years. (Update: 12/10/2019 We consolidated this site into our website) – We created this website back when the IRS was trying to put in a “Competency Exam” for tax professionals. This website is not active at the moment. – This website (the one you’re reading right now) is designed as our “hub” for the tax school.  Whereas and are designed to host specific products, will offer a wide variety of online tax training courses and tools that allow tax professionals to advance their skills in a wide variety of different ways.  We will also educate the public about taxes on this website. – This website provides an offer to help people start their own tax businesses, through Pronto Tax Business Opportunity, LLC, which is a separate company.  As of this writing (April 2017), we just completed our first tax season with the Beta Group for this program. (Update: 12/10/2019 We consolidated this site into our website) – This is the “marketing headquarters” website for people whom we have helped start their own tax businesses.  This is where the business owner goes to market their businesses using our ready-made systems, including a website builder, email autoresponders, and private training materials. (Update: 12/10/2019 We consolidated this site into our website) – This is a new software development project where we provide free tools to the public and tax professionals with a goal of making the tax preparation process easier and better.

See what I mean about it being kind of a “long story”?

Messy Desk = Success?

Note that the tax school websites do not “connect with each other” on the back end. For instance, if you have a user name and password at, that information will only work at You would need to set up another account at with a new user name and password.

This is one of the main reasons we are building out as our new “hub,” so that we can to create a more unified experience for our tax education customers, so that all your courses are in one place and you only need to remember ONE user name and ONE password.

Is this all sort of “messy” at times?

It can be.

But you know what?

That’s life!

In the tax business, a messy desk means that you’re busy, you’re doing stuff and helping people and you’re IN THE MIX.

Just like the parents that some people think to themselves “why in God’s name would you have that many kids,” we don’t regret a thing–we love all our “babies”–and we hope you find them helpful, too!