Pronto Tax School New Course Added: Handling the IRS

HANDLING THE IRS – Build and test your knowledge of IRS practices and procedures. With 87,000 new IRS employees on the way, you are going to need to know this stuff.

Heads up that we created a new course for tax pros called “Handling the IRS.” 

This new course is designed to help tax pros get ready and stay ready for these 87,000 new IRS employees that are coming up on our clients and on us.

And yes I did use a picture of snake charmer in the course description (you know we must strive to be at least halfway controversial, so that you stay at least halfway entertained):

The new course covers all aspects of IRS Practices & Procedures.

The course is set up as an “Interactive Question & Answer” model–meaning that there is no textbook to read–you just “cycle through” answering questions and then right after you answer the question, we give you a detailed answer explanation (including relevant IRS Publication and Internal Revenue Code citations).

The intention with this Interactive Question & Answer method is to allow you to QUICKLY and EASILY and EFFICIENTLY “shore up” any weak areas you may have in terms of understanding how to handle the IRS.

Here’s a short video (only 38 seconds long) showing you how the course looks & feels as you go through it:


So far, we have 144 questions & answers, and then we have another 200+ that we are working on right now and should be added sometime soon.

Instead of charging for this new course, we have decided to give this new course to all Pronto Tax School Members at no extra charge.  Details: