Pronto Tax Class Is Good for Young People, Students, Recent College Graduates

Are You a Young Adult Looking to Learn More and Earn More?

Young people and students are good candidates for becoming a tax preparer.    Recent grads having a hard time finding a job can become a part time tax preparer.

Unemployment among people age 18-30 is at epidemic levels. And even for those young people with a paying job, the pay probably isn’t all that great and opportunity for advancement may be scarce.

This situation is leading smart young adults to ask questions such as:

“What skill can I develop RIGHT NOW that can make me more marketable in today’s hyper-competitive job market?”

If this question resonates with your thoughts and needs, keep reading.

I am Andy Frye, of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. We are a third-generation family business founded in 1965 with five offices located in the Los Angeles area.

I am business partners with my father, Kent, and my younger brothers, Tim and Luke, also work in our business. We have supported our families through the tax preparation business for 48+ years. And now, we are sharing our knowledge with the world!


The Pronto Tax Class online basic income tax course only costs $177, only takes 60 hours to complete, and can give you significant earning power in the uncertain years ahead. Your course comes with an illustrated PDF Textbook and more than 5 hours of instructional videos about how to do taxes for pay, this is a sick value for only $177.

You can do Pronto Tax Course completely online, and study at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Millions upon millions of people need—not want, need—help preparing their income tax returns. Tax season happens every single year, like clockwork, there is no avoiding it, people need help doing their taxes. Your family needs tax help, your friends need tax help, etc.

Doubtless you know dozens of people who will need tax help and might choose YOU to help them.

Pronto Tax Class can help you help people…while helping yourself to an extra source of income in the process.

If you are a recent college graduate looking for an opportunity, check out Pronto Tax Class! There are no other courses or tests you need to take to become a tax preparer; a 60 hour Pronto Tax Class, done entirely online, is all the education you need to be able to do taxes for pay.


The market for tax and accounting services in the state of California alone is estimated at $15 billion per year.  And that’s only California, the national tax and accounting market is closer to $115 billion per year.  Unemployment among accountants is 3.5 percent, far below the national average. Accounting, tax, and bookkeeping skills are in great demand in a wide variety of fields.

We could go on and on about why becoming a professional tax preparer can be a fantastic career move for any young person looking for an opportunity, but instead of going on and on let’s get to the point here so that you can test Pronto Tax Class for yourself:

Try our online tax course completely risk-free, you can get started within minutes. If you decide that the course if not a good fit for you, we’ll refund your money, for any reason, anytime within 14 days of purchase date, no hassle.


Especially if you are currently or were while in college an accounting, finance, or economics student, there is absolutely no reason why you should not MASSIVELY increase your understanding of the U.S. income tax system through our online tax course. Any employer will be impressed with a candidate that knows a lot about taxes. Trust me, there are plenty of businesses that need help with taxes and accounting and they want employees who know about “that stuff.”

Thanks to our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, there is no risk, but think about the rewards that will be waiting for you upon graduation from Pronto Tax Class:

  • A credential that looks great on any resume (especially accounting, finance, and economics majors)
  • A new way to make money preparing personal and even business/corporation tax returns
  • A wealth of new and profitable knowledge about how the income tax system works
  • The ability to help your friends, family, and yourself deal with income tax needs
  • A proven way to become self-employed if you are entrepreneurially-inclined

To take advantage of this $177 online tax course, click here:


Want to talk to a real human being before you buy? Call our Pronto Tax Class Student Helpline at (310) 422 – 1283 or email me personally at