Pronto Tax Class and Value for the Price

Pronto Tax Class and Value for the Price

We had a student call in on our Pronto Tax Class Sales Hotline today (310) 422 – 0795 and she pointed out that our online tax course is way cheaper than the competition and we should raise the price.  This may be true that our online tax course is far too inexpensive relative to the quality of the materials and the quality of our competitors’ materials, but you know what?  We like people to get a bargain, more than what they’re paying for.

Pronto Tax Class Price and Value







We are determined to create the best value of all online tax courses and we are not taking no for an answer on that point. This is the attitude we take with our tax business and therefore this is the attitude that we are going to take with our tax course: we are striving to beat the competition’s product and beat the competition’s price. This way, our students will know they are getting the best value.

Remember, too, that we’re not only graduating students from our class, we’re actually actively looking to help these students obtain paying work in the field of tax preparation and consulting.  We’re connecting with graduating students on both Facebook and LinkedIn and seeking out opportunities with our contacts and fans.  We want to see people turn their tax learning into tax earning and it is going to give us so much satisfaction this tax season when we hear that our students are making money doing taxes.

Most of all, we want our students to get the best deal on their online tax course and we don’t mind giving you a bargain! All we ask in return is if you are able to send us another student, please do so. The only way we can keep our prices low is to attract more students.