Step 3 of The Pronto Path: Traction

The third step on The Pronto Path is Traction. In this episode, we walk through completing your first 50 tax returns for real clients. This step is exciting and where you see your efforts to activate your business start to work in the market. In this series, we are walking through the 9 steps of The Pronto Path. The Pronto Path is a career roadmap or framework to remove fear and doubt from the tax profession. If you’re wondering how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be as an independent tax professional, this show is for you!

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Topics Discussed:

[02:45] What does traction mean?
[03:22] Why does traction use 50 clients as a milestone?
[04:40] Why Andy teaches the 5 Step Tax Prep Process
[06:32] Is 50 clients in first tax season high or low? Easy or overwhelming?
[08:36] The benefits of celebrating your first 50 clients
[10:15] What is a realistic expectation to set in first year around close rate percentage on new prospects?
[12:18] How do I get my first few clients? The Free vs Paid debate
[14:28] The quickest way to sales
[16:06] A great script to use for folks who want to do their own taxes
[17:00] Two tips for a successful mindset in sales conversations
[18:36] When doing free taxes can make sense
[20:35] How using a bank product could be a great way to close sales
[21:22] Andy turns the tables on Jeff and gets personal
[24:14] Two key universal motivators for clients
[26:00] Tax Education Hotline 310-422-1283
[26:25] How to determine your pricing
[26:57] How to NOT talk to clients about your pricing
[27:12] A great script to use with clients around your pricing
[28:50] How personality types play into how you do business
[31:29] What is a unicorn personality in the tax business?
[32:27] “You can change your personality numerous times in your life to get where you want to go.” —Andy Frye
[34:32] Should I pay attention to the competition in my city when getting started?
[36:08] Taxes for truckers example
[37:25] Key points to remember in getting clients to refer you
[38:05] Should I go to my family and friends?
[41:47] The balance between experience vs confidence (Starting With Day Job example)
[44:26] Andy’s hilarious story about his first tax return
[46:45] Why we started this podcast and why being a lone wolf is tough in this business
[47:30] How you can simulate a larger office with support as a lone wolf or small business
[48:10] A nice script to use when clients test your tax knowledge on the spot
[49:48] 3 techniques to sign to your first 50 clients
[55:20] Should my personal Facebook account be used for business?
[58:18] One thing to remember in your tax business marketing
[01:01:18] Is your service medicine (a pill) or a vitamin?