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17 – StorySelling with Nick Nanton

Nick Nanton joins the show to talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with high performers to become one and the traits required to reach the success you want in your career and life. He will also share how your story, through StorySelling, can be your biggest asset as a tax professional.

Resources Mentioned:

[03:19] Ben Hardy, one of the top writers on, wrote the book Will Power Doesn’t Work about how your surroundings dictate who you become

[06:05] Why 90% of success is mindset, his early Tony Robbins influence, and his journey trying to become an Olympic tennis athlete

[35:40] What Nick’s coach, Dan Sullivan, taught him about unique ability and what you should be paring down your time to focus on daily

[38:02] What Nick learned from reading 3 pages of the book, DaVinci and the 40 Answers, and the 2 categories all people fall into



[03:09] “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” —Jim Rohn

[04:44] “Spending time around extraordinary people makes extraordinary become normal.” —Nick Nanton

[13:13] “The great news is … the bar is so low!” —Nick Nanton

[14:05] “Most entrepreneurs and successful people become successful in many ways because they break the mold in some shape or form.” —Nick Nanton

[17:25] “Life is based on the exchange of value.” —Nick Nanton

[28:24] “A story, in any way, shape or form, can never be too long, just too boring.” —Nick Nanton


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17 – StorySelling with Nick Nanton