A Strategic Desire to Help with David Reeser

Executive sales trainer David Reeser visits the show to take the fear out of selling. The key is to have a strategic desire to help. He shares his thoughts on the mindset required to have helpful sales conversations without fear. We discuss his Victory Mindset concepts and get to role-play a sales conversation that follows a 4-Step process anyone can follow in their business.

While sales is applicable to any step on the The Pronto Path, the fear of sales conversations holds many back from growing their company. In this episode, David shares different ways to think about sales in order to change our mindset and therefore our actions when it comes to approaching sales with a strategic desire to help.

As Andy did, you might have gotten into the tax business because you thought there would be minimal sales required since everyone needs to do their taxes. The reality is, sales is becoming ever more important in the competitive landscape and knowing how to simply and effectively sell will be key to your success.

Resources Mentioned:

[47:16] David’s Pronto Tax School Sales Course for Independent Tax Professionals

Topics Discussed:

[03:21] The non-salesy appeal for Andy wanting to get into the tax industry in the first place
[04:00] David’s thoughts on the proper mindset about sales in general
[04:43] “Where I’ve seen some individuals fall short is that they’re so focused on the occupation of the task that they want to do that they forget that we’re actually human beings.” —David Reeser
[05:00] “A proper sales strategy is built on a sincere desire to help others and communicate your value.” —David Reeser
[05:11] The 4 Step Sales Process David teaches
[05:38] How to close the sale with a really simple, and positive, question
[06:04] “I think sales is more powerful than just getting business done.” —David Reeser
[06:25] The key first thing you need to have sales conversations
[07:57] Andy shares how tax professionals can build up their confidence in sales over time
[08:50] How to feel good about what you do and sell, even if you don’t believe it’s world-changing
[09:29] Different thoughts on “Fake It Until You Make It” mindset
[11:12] “If you cannot see it in your mind, you cannot hold it in your hand.” —Steve Harvey
[12:47] David shares how to talk about your value and your strategic desire to help others
[13:36] What David really teaches
[14:08] “Everyone is on the sales team!” —David Reeser
[14:48] Jeff asks David to explain his meaning of the word strategic when it comes to sales
[15:14] David shares his pet peeve with the phrase “deal with people”
[16:38] David uses a medical analogy to paint the picture of how to build trust in sales
[17:40] 58% of Pronto tax pros said they enjoyed helping people the most over all other benefits of the tax business
[18:29] David and Andy walk through a role-play sales conversation
[27:38] Jeff jumps in to explain the personality dynamics of the two actors in the role-play
[30:35] David shares his Victory Mindset training concept
[31:41] Andy shares his thoughts on how the role-play went and the key lessons
[32:38] Why professionals know how they do business and stick to it
[33:15] David urges listeners to rethink how they think about sales
[34:04] What if I am not a “people-person?”
[34:47] David shares why he believes high Emotional Quotient (EQ) is not required in sales
[37:29] How to find pain or opportunity with a prospect
[40:14] The power of loose connections
[41:41] The difference between selling as a large brand or a small independent company
[43:02] The importance of knowing the thing you are solving for your client
[45:22] The implications of defining success for your business
[47:16] David’s Pronto Tax School Sales Course for Independent Tax Professionals