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12 – Intrapreneurship with Sean Ahlum

Experienced intrapreneur, executive, and tech disruptor Sean Ahlum speaks about succeeding within the framework of a larger organization. We cover a wide range of interesting and helpful topics like intrapreneurship, innovation accounting, lean startup methodology, managing up, white spaces, unique selling propositions (USP), mindset, sharing ideas, and finding the right team.

While we focus on Step 2 of The Pronto Path, we cover topics that touch on many more steps. The Activation step does not only apply to tax business owners. It applies to anyone working at a company. Employees can act entrepreneurially, too, and reap the benefits. In fact, it is a large part of being a successful tax professional.

A lot of people who have a job think they should not be entrepreneurial, disruptive, or take any risks. Sean takes a different approach and discusses the reason his new mindset takes him further in business.


Resources Mentioned:

[02:53] The Beastie Boys and Productive vs Destructive Disruption

[06:04] Steve Blank, Eric Ries and Lean Startup Methodology

[08:44] What is tekMountain, Castlebranch, and what makes them special?

[29:00] Persona Creation templates

[30:53] Next Gen

[31:21] Kevin Small with NewLine Loan, LLC

[32:54] Tax Preparer is the job with the highest average age

[33:37] Small ball and the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies under Manager Charlie Manuel



[05:25] “You can’t break the rules unless you know what the rules are.” —Kevin Canty

[13:27] “The object of work is to recover the seriousness of a child at play.” —Nietzsche

[20:54] “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.”  —Austin Kleon

[28:14] “I’m an intrapreneur because I just never could figure out what that one thing was that I was super passionate about.” —Sean Ahlum

[29:50] “Your customers are probably already telling you what your next product is.” —Sean Ahlum

[39:22] “Every single person that operates in the world is the CEO of company YOU.” —Sean Ahlum


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Sean Ahlum
Experienced intrapreneur, executive, and tech disruptor.
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12 – Intrapreneurship with Sean Ahlum