Hikers Going Up a Mountain

Persistence Pays Off to Turn Learning Into Earning

The Power of Persistence

One thing that can never be underestimated is the power of persistence. Anywhere you look, you will see evidence that people who persevere, who may not achieve all goals the first time but then try and try again, get what they want out of life. This early group of Pronto Tax Class Students deserves a lot of credit for being persistent to pass our 60-hour online tax course.

Hikers Going Up a Mountain

Some students have finished our online tax course very quickly, in as little as 4-7 days. Others take longer. The great thing about our online tax course is that it is completely self-paced, people can do our course on their own time. They can take the time to read the chapters, watch the Instructional Videos, and even interact with peers in the Pronto Tax Class forum or email directly with senior Pronto Income Tax Staff.

But the danger of a self-paced course is that there is no one there forcing you to do your homework. Fortunately, Pronto Tax Class Students seem to have a wonderful understanding that it is up to YOU how much you want to learn, how important it is to you to gain a new source of income, and what your particular goals are for becoming a tax professional. This understanding has led to incredible persistence among our early students.

Students may not pass a quiz on the first try, but they try again, and if not that time, they try again. Sooner or later (usually sooner), they pass.

They have taken another step.

We designed this online tax course to be challenging, anything less would be uncivilized.

The reason we are so excited to see persistence emerging as a main trait among Pronto Tax Class Students is that our students will need that persistence to actually make money doing taxes. Clients don’t just fall out of the sky or say “Yes” every time the first time you ask them if you can be their tax consultant. But if you are persistent, eventually potential clients will get sick of saying “No,” you can convince them that you really are the person who should be doing their taxes.

Great job to our persistent Pronto Tax Class Students, we are proud of you! This quality of persistence will serve you extremely well as you begin doing taxes for money.