Paying Taxes and Controlling Tax Withholdings – Pronto Tax Class Live – July 23rd, 2013 – 3pm – 6pm

Paying Taxes and Controlling Tax Withholdings

Date: Tuesday July 23rd, 2013 from 3pm – 6pm 

You know what’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do in the whole entire world?  Pay taxes.  But we’ve all gotta do it at some point or another.  In today’s Pronto Tax Class Live, we’ll discover the many ways that people pay taxes, and the options for paying what you owe.  Control your tax withholdings at work through filling out Form W-4.  Pay quarterly estimated taxes to “pre-pay” tax you’ll owe related to business income or rental property income.  Pay taxes electronically through the IRS EFTPS system.  Make an installment agreement online to pay back taxes monthly.  These are the kinds of topics that will be explored.  At the end of this class, you’ll have a strong understanding of how people pay taxes, and how you can help people pay taxes.

Location: Van Nuys Live Tax Training Center at 14435 Sherman Way #104, Van Nuys, Ca 91405

Cost: $49.00

Teachers: Pronto Income Tax Staff Professionals