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Taking an Online Tax Preparer Class

With Pronto Tax Class, you can take a 60-hour CTEC-Approved Basic Income Tax Course tax course entirely online, from the comfort of your own computer. You can download the Pronto Tax Class Textbook online, you can view the Pronto Tax Class Instructional Videos online, and you can take the Pronto Tax Class Final Exam online. With Pronto Tax Class, you can do everything you need to do, totally online. The cost for the All Online Pronto Tax Class, which includes:

500-page downloadable PDF Textbook
5+ hours of Instructional Videos
Chapter Exams
Access to private Student Forum
Certificate of Completion
CTEC Notification upon Completion
And more resources about being a successful paid tax preparer

Compare Pronto Tax Class to any other 60-Hour CTEC-Approved Qualifying Education Provider tax course on the market today and you’ll see this is the best deal out there. We hope that if you’re considering taking an online tax course, you’ll consider our class.

Why Students Like Online Tax Courses Better

Take Pronto Online Tax Class anywhere a laptop goes

Some people prefer to learn in an in-person instructor-led “live classroom” environment. To meet the varying needs of varying students, Pronto Tax Class comes in three convenient and affordable formats. Simply choose the format that’s right for you and you’ll be off to the races. For many aspiring tax preparers, the option of being able to do a 60-Hour CTEC-approved basic income tax totally online will be extremely appealing. But what are the reasons that so many students prefer an online course?

First, with our online tax course we can we keep the costs of our online tax training classes very low because we don’t have to print out the whole Textbook and spend money shipping it to the student’s house etc… Second, taking an online class with Pronto is self paced, and you control the speed at which take the course. Some students will be able to read the Textbook and pass the Final Exam within a matter of days. Or if you need to go at a slower pace because of a job or schedule, then that is fine as well. You determine how fast, or how slow you want to go with our online class. Finally, students get to work in the wherever they choose. In your slippers at home, or on the go with your laptop. Wherever and whenever is a great option when your life is full.

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Still have questions or just want to talk to a real human being before you buy? Call the Pronto Tax Class Student Helpline at (310) 422-1283.