Online Tax Course That Uses Lacerte Software

Online Tax Course That Uses Lacerte Software

By Tim Frye

If you are looking to take a tax course that uses Lacerte software, and you are interested in going forward in your tax preparer career using a tax program like Lacerte, this is a way to kill two birds with one stone.  Pronto Tax Class is one of the courses available that uses lacerate for it’s learning template through the online tutorials portions of the course along with the book.  When it comes to training with a tax software you will then use in your practice, this can give you a head start on the other competition out there.  Let’s take a look at how and why.


Is Lacerte the Best Tax Software to Use?

Lacerte tax software received a  4.4 out of 5 when put through a rigorous survey by the Journal of acccountancy most recently completed in 2011.  The program is touted for its comprehensive nature and its straightforward presentation.  Pronto Income Tax and its employees have used Lacerate for beyond three decades, and we consider it to be the best program out there when it comes to overall  performance  as well as clarity of instruction . 

Training with a Tax Course That You Will Use for Your Accounting Practice

When it comes to tax programs, learning their ins and outs can be a daunting process when you are studying to become a tax preparer.  So if you can take a tax course that uses Lacerte as its template for training you to get your required hours, you should be looking to use that same program when you begin doing taxes yourself.  Tax programs can vary greatly between the competition, and they all have their own specific styles and method of operation.  Pronto feels that lacerte offers us the best chance to help you learn taxes quickly and efficiently, as we have many years of experience teaching our employees the nuances of the program. 

Exclusive Lacerte Discounts

Pronto Income Tax has secured itself a special discounted price for itself and its patrons, due to the fact that we have used the program for an excess of twenty years.  It is vital to note that the Lacerte program is not for the faint hearted, it is intricate and can be expensive, so if you are not planning on doing a big time amount of returns with a supremely high level efficiency, you may want to look into different, more-bare boned options.   

Go to get started on your 60 hour tax preparation course and start an amazing and fast growing career today!  We have special discounts and packages for tax programs and office start up kits available to new graduates that you will find anywhere else.  Remember, the time is short and tax season will creep up on you and it will be too late to file other people’s taxes for 2013!