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Looking for a Tax Preparer Job in Los Angeles? Then Read this Article


Looking for a Tax Preparer Job in Los Angeles? Then Read this Article

By Tim Frye

It is not always easy to find a job as a tax preparer.

Our intention from day one of Pronto Tax Class has been to create real opportunities for people to start a new career, make extra money, and/or start their own businesses.

I know for myself, Tim Frye, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given to work in my father’s business, and I want to be able to help create opportunities for other people just like I have been given an opportunity.

This year, we have some outstanding job and career opportunities available for new tax preparer Pronto Tax Class Graduates in the Los Angeles area and that is the purpose of this article is to share these opportunities with the Pronto Tax Class community.

We have NOT posted any information about these opportunities publicly because we want to give the “first dibs” to our Pronto Tax Class Graduates!


Tax Preparation Companies Are Starting to Call Us Looking for Employees

One of the best phone calls we can ever receive on our Pronto Tax Class Student Hotline is when the owner of a tax preparation company calls us asking for us to refer some Pronto Tax Class Graduates for possible employment.

We are starting to get more calls from tax preparation company owners who are looking for new tax preparers who are well-trained and have completed Pronto Tax Class.

Last year, we were able to place one of our Pronto Tax Class Graduates with a local Los Angeles tax business owner who has six offices across Los Angeles.

This year, that same employer has contacted us again to help her find a good another tax preparer or two and we are so excited to share this opportunity with our valued Pronto Tax Class Graduates!

Keep reading to find out about how to apply for this job with an employer who has six tax preparation offices in the L.A. area.

New Office in Van Nuys, CA for Pronto Tax Franchise, Inc.

Meanwhile, my brother Andy (primary author of Pronto Tax Class, and the guy you see in the Pronto Tax Class videos), is starting a new tax office in Van Nuys, CA for his new company, Pronto Tax Franchise, Inc., which has a licensing agreement to operate under the Pronto Income Tax brand name.

Andy and I have been out the past few days cleaning and painting the new office, which is located on the corner of Sherman Way and Van Nuys Blvd., one of the busiest intersections in Southern California with approximately 350,000 people within a 3 mile radius of the office.

I truly believe this new office will be a HUGE success—but we MUST hire the right people to get the new office started. My brother is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met, but he will need 2-3 fantastic teammates to get this new office up and running.

Are you the right person to help my brother on this new adventure?

Keep reading to find out how to apply for one of the new tax preparer jobs at the new Van Nuys office of Pronto Tax Franchise, Inc.

Last But Not Least, We Need an Executive Assistant / Tax Preparer in Our West L.A. Location

The other tax preparer job opportunity that we have for Pronto Tax Class Graduates is to work as an executive assistant / tax preparer in the West Los Angeles location of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., located on the corner of Centinela Ave. and Short Ave. nearby to Culver City and Marina Del Rey.

This job will be a support role to help our West LA office continue to grow as we enter our crucial third tax season in that location; you will be the “junior preparer” in the office and you will have to take a back seat to our other preparers, but you will get some excellent training and decent pay.

So by now you are probably thinking, “Why doesn’t this guy get to the point and tell me how I can apply for these tax preparer jobs?!?”

What you should do, to get the process started and get yourself in consideration for these tax preparer job and career opportunities in the Los Angeles area, is to email me and answer three questions that will help us determine your suitability for these opportunities:

  1. In the past year, what have you done to help other people? Describe three instances in the past 12 months where you have provided kind-hearted and selfless assistance to another person.

  2. When is the last time you received EXTRAORDINARY service from a company? Please describe the service experience and the company that provided it.

  3. How much, if any, experience do you have preparing taxes? Please let us know about any relevant credentials, education, and/or work experience that you may have.

Please be descriptive and BE YOURSELF.

Once I receive the emails answering those three questions, I will pass on the best answers to the bosses and then people will start getting calls for interviews.

Thanks and I’ll be looking out for your emails…

Looking for a Tax Preparer Job in Los Angeles? Then Read this Article