In-Person Tax Training with Pronto Tax School


As we get closer to the upcoming tax season, no doubt there will be a growing need for hands-on income tax training. Our Los Angeles live classroom is held in one of our four local Pronto Income Tax Office Locations throughout the year. Check our in-person class listings to see when the next is coming up. If you don’t see a class listed right now, then please sign up for newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter so we can let you know when the next class is scheduled.

Hands-On Training

Pronto tax Class offers In Person Training for Becoming a Tax Professional

Without a doubt, the best way for tax preparers to ensure a successful tax season is to show up for tax season armed with the tax knowledge that is necessary to do the job efficiently. A Pronto Tax School Live course in Los Angeles is one of the best and most hands-on tax training courses that you will ever find. Income tax training extends beyond just tax law. Reading about taxes out of a book is a lot different than doing taxes in real life!  As a tax preparer, you need to know tax law,  but you also need to know how to use tax software, how to interact with tax clients productively, an how to get more tax clients including how to market your new business. In our in-person, instructor-led version of Pronto Tax School, called “Pronto Tax School Live,” we get to delve into these topics and do some hands-on tax training.  If you are the brand of student who “likes to get your hands dirty,” then this is the class for you. We offer an extremely limited number of live classroom income tax courses per year, so sign up to get the latest updates so you don’t miss the next class.

Access to Professional Tax Software Training

As a professional tax preparer, you need to realize that you have a very great and very powerful weapon at your disposal and that is your tax software. At Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., we use Lacerte tax software, which is the “industrial strength” tax software for tax professionals from Intuit, the maker of TurboTax and QuickBooks. If you are planning on working with Lacerte tax software, an in-person, live course Pronto Tax School Live may be especially appealing because in these classes we will be doing a lot of live practice tax returns using the Lacerte tax software.

In today’s tax preparation industry, we might venture to say that it is as necessary to know how to use tax software as it is to know the tax laws. That’s why we offer our students tax software tutorial videos. The key is to let the software work for you, but maintain control of the process by knowing how to check for errors using the diagnostics feature of the software, and how to work through the tax software in an orderly fashion, so that your clients feel confident that you know what you’re doing.  An opportunity to actually learn tax preparation by doing tax returns on the computer is probably one of the best features of our in-person, live courses, as opposed to our online Pronto Tax School courses.

We Love Our Students

Another potential benefit to choosing Pronto Tax School Live is that when we teach you taxes in-person face-to-face, it is easier for us to get to know you as a person and find out exactly how we can help you get your start in the tax prep business. Students who choose the Pronto Tax School Live option may be able to receive a letter of recommendation from the instructor. This letter, printed on our letterhead and personalized for you, can then be used as a reference when you are applying for tax jobs. We make no promises to provide a letter of recommendation for all students, but for those students who do show the skills and demeanor to be successful doing taxes for pay, we will be happy to provide a personalized letter of recommendation based upon your performance at Pronto Tax School. The bottom line here is that when we meet students that we like, we will go the extra mile to help them get a start in this business.

We Are Always Looking For Great Talent

As a company with offices in Los Angeles, we need employees that are local to the areas in which we have offices. Although we make absolutely no promises of employment to any Pronto Tax School Student, we are hoping and working to hire at least three Pronto Tax School students for the upcoming tax season. With an in-person class, we can evaluate your personality in terms of customer service, your ability to be punctual, and your skills on the computer. These are attributes that it’s difficult to measure with an online or correspondence course and that’s why we can honestly assert that if you’re looking for a job at Pronto, Pronto Tax School Live is probably the best option if it’s available in your area and fits into your schedule.

Despite all the new technology, there’s still no substitute for face-to-face communication. For students whose schedules do not permit them to attend one of our posted Pronto Tax School Live Courses, customized tutoring programs may be available on request from student. Email us if you are interested in receiving personalized, face-to-face tax instruction at one of our L.A.-area office locations.