Pronto Tax Seminar

In-Person Tax Preperer Training | Pronto Tax Class Monrovia and Carson | December 2011 Classes

Learn the Pronto Income Tax 5-Step System to Prepare ANY Tax Return Effectively and Efficiently—Live and In-Person!

In-Person Class Dates:

December 16th (6-10pm) and December 17 (2-6pm)Monrovia office $99

December 22 (6-10pm) and December 23 (6-10pm) Carson office $99

December 29 (6-10pm) and December 30 (6-10pm)Monrovia office$99

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As a tax preparer, you need to be able to do 10 tax returns per day when it’s busy in order to make good money. You can make great money as a tax preparer if you can “turn over” clients effectively, creating a positive experience for clients who will then refer more clients. If you “get stuck” and can’t keep things moving especially during those busy days, your earning power as a tax preparer will be severely decreased.

  • But how can a brand new tax preparer do 10 tax returns in one day without rushing and making a bunch of errors, is that even realistic to think that this is possible?
  • When you sit down to do someone’s taxes and the person has a lot of completely disorganized paperwork, some relevant, some not relevant, where do you even start?
  • How can you “close strong” to create a happy client that will come back next year and (just as important) refer friends and family to do their taxes with you?

These are all common questions for a new tax preparer. Even experienced tax preparers have some of these same questions about how to be efficient preparing tax returns without making errors. As tax preparers, we all have questions about how we can maximize our tax season earnings!

These are the questions that we will answer in our 2-day tax preparation seminar “Learn the 5 Steps to Effectively Prepare Any Tax Return.”

Pronto Tax Seminar

Pronto Income Tax 5-Step System Seminar Live Course in Los Angeles, CA Can Help You Get Ready for Tax Season

Tax season is coming up fast—are you ready? We don’t mean “book-ready,” either, like you know all the tax laws. We mean really ready to sit down and do tax returns for real people. We mean ready to do 10 tax returns per day so that you can truly maximize your tax season earnings.

If you don’t feel quite ready, consider attending this course. This 2-day, 10-hour seminar is based on the patented Pronto Income Tax 5-Step System that our company has developed during 47+ years preparing tax returns. This tax preparation class is the first time that we are introducing this 5-Step System outside of our own private company training materials. Our tax preparers use this exact system to prepare thousands of tax returns each year every single year.

What’s more, the 5-Step Seminar will be taught by Casimiro “Jesse” Peña, a tax preparer with 18 years of hard-earned tax preparation experience. Jesse was the top-performing tax preparer at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. during the last tax season (as measured by total fees generated), so you can best believe that Casimiro practices what he preaches when it comes to working the Pronto 5-Step System.

The 5-Step Seminar can be offered in English or Spanish, we have tax preparation classes in both languages for your convenience.

If you attended another tax course and have CTEC registration, but don’t really feel like you know how to actually sit down with clients and prepare tax returns with confidence and efficiency, this is the seminar for you to get ready for tax season. Or perhaps you have a few tax seasons under your belt, but you want to know how you can earn more money by increasing your tax preparation efficiency.

No matter what your experience level, we believe that the Pronto Income Tax 5-Step System can give you a trustworthy “roadmap” to feel confident in preparing a wide variety of tax returns, even as a new tax preparer. This way, you can earn the most money possible this upcoming tax season!

Remember, this is the system that we have used for 47+ years.

Casimiro Jesse Pena Tax Teacher

Price, Product, and Reservation Details for the Pronto 5-Step System Income Tax Preparation Seminar in Los Angeles, California

As part of your $99 cost to attend this course, we include an office reference booklet with extensive tax research materials that will help you through all 5 steps of our system. You will be able to consult this office reference booklet during tax season to quickly find answers to your questions and make sure that your clients are receiving not only efficient service, but accurate and complete service. After all, you need to do tax returns both efficiently and correctly, one without the other is not good enough but if you can do both, you will be a truly great tax preparer and you will make good money as a result.

To inquire about 5-Step Seminar dates and locations, or to reserve your spot in an upcoming session, simply call our Pronto Tax Seminar Hotline at (310) 422 – 0795.

Limited seating is available to assure that each tax preparer receives sufficient personal attention and training, so if you want to attend this seminar and learn our system, call now! We look forward to your phone call at:

(310) 422 – 0795