Questions About Corporate Tax Returns, Who Do I Call?

By Jamie Waggoner

GHOST BUSTERS?! Yeah, no you can’t call Ghost Busters, they will laugh and hang up on you.

Or maybe they don’t even exist (hasn’t been proven either way, far as I know).

Call us About Corporate Tax Returns

When you’re a tax preparer trying to complete a corporation tax return, it can be a nerve-wracking process, that is for sure.

You don’t want to make a mistake that could cost your client money, arouse an IRS audit, or even get you sued.

Many tax preparers don’t have a mentor or other colleague who can answer corporation tax return questions so you might be feeling all alone.

If you can relate to this situation, then consider joining the new Business Tax Verified Training Program with CPA Adam Shay.

help for corporations

This is a corporation, S corporation, and LLC tax preparer course where you can ask questions to the instructors and the community of other members!

Here are a few methods that we use to make sure you don’t feel alone in handling those corporation, S corporation, and LLC tax returns:

Questions About Corporate Tax Returns Asked

Pronto Tax School’s online learning platform allows its customers to ask questions to instructors and other Members directly through the platform itself.

We have found that tax preparers need a community of other tax preparers to do our best job for our clients.

Relate Questions on Corporate Tax Returns

So we have focused our efforts more and more on forming that community.

The ability to ask questions directly inside your courses is something that many of our Members find extremely helpful.


We also have a private Facebook tax preparer support group with over 250 tax experts ready to help.

We get a lot of engagement in this group and you’ll usually see at least two or three people jumping in to help on every question that’s posted.

This is a huge help especially if you’re close to a deadline and you need tax preparer help fast.

The FB group used to be open to anyone and now it is exclusive only to Pronto Tax School Members.

Tax Education Hotline

Pronto Tax School also maintains what’s called our Tax Education Hotline.

Customers call in with questions and we are happy to help the best we can.

We do get a large volume of calls and sometimes you need to be patient.

We also charge for the service if your question is something that requires research on our part.

If it’s just something where we can point you in the right direction though, we don’t charge.

We have helped thousands of tax professionals over the years and many times they were not even our customer.

Customer Service Matters!

Anyways, we are far from perfect, but we would just point out that at least we are doing our best to be a resource for you if you need corporation tax preparation help.

We created our online learning platform because we, as independent tax professionals, felt that we lacked the training, tools, and community to do the 100% best for our clients.

So, we just started building the training programs, tools, and community to change that dynamic and give ANY tax professionals the power to be your best.

A good place to start if you’re needing help with corporation or LLC tax returns is to try our new Business Tax Verified Training Program with CPA Adam Shay—it just might be the course, and the community, you’ve been needing!

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