I Almost Lost My EA License

At Pronto Tax School, we LOVE to help tax pros beat deadlines.  

Maybe the reason we put such an emphasis on beating deadlines is that I personally am what you might call “deadline-challenged.”

I’ve almost lost my EA license a couple times because I completely spaced out on my own Enrolled Agent Continuing Education (CE) credits, and I end up having to do dumb stuff like 16 hours of CE in one day (New Year’s Eve).  

We don’t want any other EA’s to lose your license or have any other lack of CE “situations,” so we’re sending you a few reminders that all IRS CE for Enrolled Agents must be completed by 12/31/2021 to be valid for calendar year 2021. 

Click here to view our EA CE package and beat the CE deadline for 2021.

(If you’re all covered on your 2021 hours and don’t want to receive these deadline reminders, please click here to be removed from this deadline reminders sequence.  We only want to send you reminders if they are helpful and relevant to you.) 

EA’s need 72 hours of CE for every three year cycle, with a minimum of 2 hours ethics every year and minimum 16 overall hours each year.

If you’re not sure how many hours you have as of now, you can log into PTIN account here and then click the button that says “View My Continuing Education Credits.” 

Click here to view our EA CE package and beat the deadline for 2021

Also, we made our 2 Hours Ethics Course free here, in case you just need a couple ethics hours. Hope this helps!