How to Start a Tax Business While You’re in College

By: Jamie Waggoner 

Are you in college and asking yourself how you can make a little bit of money while building up your entrepreneurial skills?

Have you ever thought about starting a tax business while you are still in college?   

Well you must have thought about it or you would not have found this blog post, right?!

Let’s think through a couple aspects and see if it’s a good idea to start your tax business while you’re in college…

Is this Even Legal?                    

Now I know this must sound crazy, how can someone start a tax business while in college?  I mean don’t you have to at least have two or three PhD’s to do taxes for pay?

Believe it or not, you actually don’t need to be a college—or even a high school—graduate to do taxes professionally.

Anyone age 18 or older who has done the proper steps can do taxes for money.

What Steps to Take

Step one would be to sign up for courses with Pronto Tax School, a company that has been around since 1965, and has helped people perfect their way of doing their taxes. 

They have online courses that you, a student in need of more spending money, can take and “go pro” to do your peers taxes. 

Students will jump at the fact that they know someone that can do their taxes at a reasonable fee instead of having their parents file for them. 

This could be your big break or just a side job depending on how you handle and like your experience. 

Now like any business there is no guarantee of success.

But guaranteed people will need to do their taxes so if you are a good option then you can attract attention with your service.

Marketing Ideas for Your College Tax Business

Now once you’ve completed Pronto Tax School’s basic income tax course and gotten your PTIN from the IRS, you’re going to wonder:

How do I start getting some clients?

Some tips that could help you on your way to this dream would be to start a club. 

Despite that sounds like the “nerd alert” group, who’s going to be the one laughing when you, the nerd, is getting paid to do people’s taxes? 

Starting a tax club isn’t hard, it all starts with a booth at the school interest fair, target the business majors, and have people come speak who are tax professionals. 

One tax professional is Mr. Andy Frye, the founder of Pronto Tax School that has been doing this for fifteen years!  Having this club ask to pair up with Pronto Tax School could

be a good opportunity.  Andy has spoken at numerous colleges and loves to see college kids like us showing the entrepreneurial flair. 

Is It Free?

These days it seems like people want free lunches.

The course to become a tax professional is not free, it takes a small investment.

Luckily, you have some great benefits in return for your investment, including a NOT boring course, a 365-day access membership, more than 50 video tutorials, and a 14-day

money back guarantee. 

This allows you to decide if the course is for you.  Some people end up loving the tax business, some people don’t.  You just never know until you give it a try.

Investing in your course rather than getting something free ensures that you get a quality product from a respected company that is here to help you.

In the same way, we HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT do taxes for free, always charge something even if it’s your friends or family.  You don’t have to charge a lot but if

you put in the investment in both time and money to become a professional then respect yourself and charge accordingly.  This way your tax business in college will be a

business and not a charity!

Extra Money Matters

Now some of your friends might claim, “Oh, so what?  You make an extra few thousand per year doing taxes.  Big deal.”

But it actually is a big deal to make a few thousand extra per year.

In this economy, extra money matters.

The extra money that you can make while doing taxes in college can help in many ways, for example if you have student debt, which most students all do, you can save up to

get out of debt. The stress of college loans can be one of the biggest stresses in a young or older college student’s life. 

Becoming a tax pro won’t just help you while you are in college.  Knowing how taxes work and how to do them is a skill that you will have even after you graduate college.  

If you’re ready to take the course and see if this is a business you’d like to get into, click here to view course options.