How to Make NO Money Doing Taxes Part Two

By Tim Frye

Every tax preparer is allowed to make a few mistakes but you better make sure they are minute and not that costly. Unfortunately, any mistake you make on someone’s tax return is likely to be have a heavy-handed consequence.  If you are a preparer that have been doing taxes for a few years, you are only join to develop and maintain a great client base if you stay sharp and focused and don’t fat finger numbers and getting your client audited.  You have to very awake and aware when preparing taxes because one slip of the finger could cost your clients thousands and ruin their quality of life for the near future.  You must know the tax code so that you are not going a persons deductions that they are not eligible for.  There is, eventually, no money in the pocket of a mistake prone tax preparer.  Just like a starting quarterback won’t last long if he keeps throwing interceptions that cost his team the game.  This the IRS you are dealing with not just your ma and pop store on the corner.  They are going to want to see proof of your mistakes.  and since it was a mistake and there are no records to back it now all that’s left is your jaw on the ground and your client with a look of rapacious disgust.  

Tax Preparers Who Won’t Work Long Hours

Tax season is the time to man up and work long days and nights.  It is crunch time, the playoffs, not the time for lackadaisical behavior and long lunches.  Stay in that chair and be patient and the clients will come.  Since the job is seasonal it is vital that you plant yourself in that office a minimum of ten hours a day, everyday.  You are going to wish you put more work in when the time comes when your wallet is anorexic and summer is right around the corner.  You can make great money if you work consistently long hours and you may even have some money to put away for the off-season’s hibernation.  

Tax Preparers Who Don’t Study the Tax Code

When it comes to preparing taxes, if you want to make any money you better be up to date on the latest and most relevant tax changes affecting your clientele.  It is obviously impossible to memorize the bible thick tax code but you should be constantly striving to become a tax pro with every passing day and year.  

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