How to make a lot of Money Doing Taxes

How to Make a lot of Money Doing Taxes

By Tim Frye

As the world grows ever more technology driven, and more of the person- to- person interaction in business diminishes by the minute, tax preparation becomes more old school than ever.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  As we have seen throughout history, people will always clamor for the good old days and many will look to deal with businesses that still value direct personal and face to face relationships with their tax preparer.  This article will take a look at a few ways for you as a tax preparer to make taxes fun, and to make the process personal and enjoyable for your client. 


Tax Preparation with Personality

Some would think that conjoining the words tax preparer and personality is like calling a cockroach beautiful.  We are not saying the assumption that accountants have less personality than doorknobs doesn’t ever ring true. This is the whole point.  If you can be the exception to the rule, and provide great service to your clientele while being unique, fun, and easygoing, your client will usually be surprised and therefore more likely to return year after year for some more fun…  Taxpayers generally would rather take a freezing shower on a cold day than sit and calculate how much of the hard earned income is being taken by the government.  So if you can ease and anesthetize this pain by actually having a personality, and God forbid, make your client laugh once in a while, you will find that your client will enjoy the process tenfold. 

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Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

One of the main ways to make taxes fun for the client is to prepare yourself every day before any clients come into the office.  Maybe you could breeze through the program, looking through a few different short form layouts and jump back and forth through some applicable forms and Schedules that are relevant for the current period of tax season.  Make sure to have the current tax issues at the forefront of your mind, and tax write-offs and credit application sheets close by.

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Word of Mouth Tax Preparer Referral

As previously noted, the world is growing more technetronic, and there is less and less face to face interaction.  So part of making taxes fun for your client is offering them incredibly personal service that is coupled with a high level of tax acumen, and this will get you the best referral there is…the word of mouth referral.  There is a shortage of tax preparers out there who are actually fun and torturous to deal with.  If you can corner the market and make tax preparation fun you can make really good money doing it.