How Do Tax Preparers Make a Lot of Money?

How Do Tax Preparers Make a Lot of Money?

By Tim Frye


As America looks to furthure improve its still fledgling economy,  the citizens of this great country are searching more than ever for a profession that can make them a lot of money.  Unemployment rates are still relatively high, good jobs are scarce, and the small time business man is fading into the wilderness.  There are, however, plenty of opportunities left to make a ton of money!  The profession of tax preparation is one of those opportunities.  The tax code is ever expanding, ever changing, and taxpayers are still going to a professional to have them prepare their taxes at rates in excess of 60%.  So there is plenty of money to be made preparing other peoples taxes.  Let’s take a look at how you can make a lot of money by getting a tax license and perfecting the art of tax preparation. 



Can I Make Good Money My First Year Doing Taxes?


Once you take the sixty hour course to get your tax license and obtain a tax preparer id, you may be wondering, what now?.  It is now your job to get ready for tax season, because if you go into the upcoming tax season blind, then you are killing your chances of making great money your first year. 


A tax preparer can make really good money their first year preparing others taxes, but prior preparation prevents poor performance, as the old saying goes.  So first figure out your overall employment situation,  and find out whether your starting at a local office, starting with a larger corporation such as HR Block, or you are getting an office and going it on your own.  These are all aspects that will cause your results to vary greatly. 


If you are going it on your own, you are going to want to find a good, affordable, and reliable tax software program with which  to prepare taxes.  Buying the wrong software and equipment can derail your plans for having a big tax season before you even hop on the train.  Drake offers a  great tax preparation template for a relatively fair price, and they are the perfect company for a preparer who is in their embryonic tax preparation phase. 


How Many Tax Returns Can I Do in a Day?


Another aspect that will affect your ability to make money your first year doing taxes is the question of how many tax returns are you ready to do in a day?  If you study hard enough, and complete enough practice tax returns before the season begins, you will be setting yourself up for success.  The idea is to be as ready as possible to do as many returns a day as you can.  The more you know, the more comfortable you will  be, the less mistakes you will make, and the faster you will be able to prepare taxes.  Which in turn will allow you to do up to ten returns a day, providing that you have enough traffic coming through. 


How Long Does it Take for a Tax Preparer to Make a Lot of Money?


Tax preparers are very capable of making money in their first year of tax preparation. A heavy marketing strategy going into your first tax season would be wise methodology.  So if the right courses are taken, a preparer can make a good twenty thousand in the first few years of doing taxes, easy.  Well, not easy, but at Pronto we have seen preparers make up to seventy thousand dollars  in four months of work.  So the ceiling for monetary rewards is very high.  It is up to you how much you might make your first year of taxes!  Go to and get started on a new career today!  And watch those numbers on your bank slip skyrocket and your quality of life ascend like a helium balloon!