How Do I Start as a Tax Preparer and Make Good Money Right Away?

By Tim Frye

They sagacious ones say that life is about persistence, about consistency, and about repeating those actions that you come to know will get you to your goals and in turn get your where you want to be.  Well, to live a good life and live it comfortably you’re going to need a lot more than just those traits to attain serenity.  You’re gonna need to have the talent to match to really get going in your profession of choice.  So when it comes to preparing taxes you should test your strengths relative to the business before you start on the path of becoming a tax preparer.  That said,if you fit the mold and are dedicated you should be able to make great money doing taxes in no time.  This article will give you a game plan as to how to become a tax preparer and make good money right away. 

Purchase a Tax Course That is Easy and Informative

If you are looking to make it to the big leagues you are not going to hire a trainer that will not push you, is not affordable, and does not explain things in a clear and concise manner.  This notion is really no different when it comes to you shopping for a tax course.  You want to find a book that is going to give you all the pertinent facts on tax preparation but confers that information to the reader in a way in which the material doesn’t drive you to take a long walk off a short cliff.  Pronto Tax Class offers a Sixty Hour Tax Prep Course that will truly get you prepared to do taxes for money, and we will teach you how to interact with clients in a manner that will leave them confident in your services, year after year. 

Start Your Year Early as a Beginning Tax Preparer

If you are considering becoming a tax preparer you should make that decision before the summer to leave you plenty of time to get acclimated to the ever changing tax code.  If you complete your tax course to become certified on January 1st and plan on preparing taxes in two weeks time you are going to find yourself in a rough patch pretty quick.  On the other hand, if you finish the course May 28th and then from then on out do five practice returns every day approaching tax season, you are likely to make an extra five thousand dollars.  Another benefit of starting early is you can get your employment situation together and if you are self-employed you can find an office that is affordable a fit for you.  You will have plenty of time to implement a nice marketing plan to expose yourself to the community before you just appear on the scene. 

Do Tax Preparers Work Long Hours?

At this point in the state of the still stale economy you better plan on working long days and nights if you are looking to make any kind of serious money.  Tax preparers work extremely long hours during tax season so get yourself ready to go on the morning of January 15th!

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