How Do I Get a lot of Tax Clients Part Two

By Tim Frye

Offer Tax Services and Notaries and Other Services

One of the keys to acquiring a big client base preparing taxes is to simply get the bodies in the door.  You can do this by offering all sorts of peripheral services such as notarization, tax resolution, employee training and insurance sales.  You can cross fit the industries together and get that notary client or insurance client and turn them into a tax client. 

Tax preparation Referrals are Word of Mouth

The best referrals have always been through word of mouth.  People who rave about your service to their friends and family are easily the most effective (and cheapest) means of spreading your business.  So keep that in mind when you are sitting down with any client and remind them that your livelihood depends on their referrals to your office.  A great referral reward program like future discounts could be a path to a vaster client list.  This word of mouth thing can work as a reciprocal as well, and could cause to lose clients if you are poor in your tax prep so tread lightly and be careful.

Be Really Good at Doing Taxes

The main way to gain a large list of tax clients is to simply be good at your trade and always be improving.  If you can find your client a deduction that another tax pro may have missed you are already a step ahead of the game.  If you are uneducated on taxes and the intricacies of tax code you are not going to get too many high-end clients, so you will be limiting your client base to just lower wage workers who cannot afford to pay you high billing fees. 

Get Better at Taxes Every Year

As your client base grows you should be growing with it.  And you should be developing some niche areas that fit into your specific area of tax expertise.  With every passing year you should be adding credits and certifications to your name, and you should be doing more complicated returns every year.  This is how you can build you high-end clientele while still retaining the short form clients you started out with.  And don’t hesitate to let people know how much you have learned in the summer.  The consumer wants to see and know that you are working hard to retain their business, and that you have not gotten complacent. 

In conclusion, the formula for getting a large tax client base is fairly straightforward.  Work hard, stay in the office all year, absorb all tax updates and information like a sponge, and have a personality while you’re at it.  If you want your client to relax, as the saying goes, then disarm with charm. 

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