How Do I Get a Lot of Tax Clients? Part One

By Tim Frye

Being a tax preparer is not an easy gig.  You have to know your taxes, and with that you also have to possess a level of charisma that keeps your clients coming back for more.  Yes, there are those dry tax preparers who swim in a pool of banality to be sure.  But the great ones are good socially, and can crack their clients up while simultaneously cracking the tax code and cutting thousands from their tax bill.  To get a ton of clients coming back year after year you are going to have to do more than just crunch numbers.  You are going to have to develop a unique reputation as a consistent, knowledgeable tax pro who all the while provides valuable but affordable services.  Let us take a look at some of the best ways to amass a large client base preparing taxes

Becoming a Tax Preparer

When you are choosing tax preparation as a profession, you should be sure of what you are getting into.  You should be aware that you delving into an occupation that is merely seasonal, where four months out of the year you are working full time and the rest of the year you are just figuring how to get by.  So the trade is certainly not for the faint-hearted.  That being said once you start your obvious goal would be to gain access to as many clients as possible, ASAP.  You should have plenty before tax season to get your marketing campaign out there, while also leaving time to study and go into the season ready to help as many different people with their unique and personal financial situations.  The better prepared you are from the moment those clients come straggling through your office doors, regardless of how slowly at first, the more the likelihood of you keeping then and adding them to your lient base, year after year.  Treat every client like they are your last and value their business.  The tax preparation arena is over saturated with competition, and your current client will not hesitate to go somewhere else if feel there business is not being appreciated by you the tax preparer. 

Tax Office Open Year Round

If you want to get a big client base you have to be available when other tax preparers are gone for the year and their doors are closed.  Once tax season is over the majority of tax preparers are not to be seen again until New Years.  This leaves a giant vacuous gap of people who need tax assistance during the off season with not as many choices of tax offices.  So if you keep your doors open all year, and are offering other services as well to bring the people in, then you can get new clients throughout the year that will add to your client list in the upcoming tax season. 

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