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Get Your Tax Preparer Bond

Every individual who prepares tax returns for pay in the State of California must, by law, maintain a tax preparer bond in the amount of $5,000. This bond is to protect the public from any actions you may commit that cause public damage.

This bond is only actually used in extremely rare situations; Andy Frye here, and I can tell you that in 10+ years of doing taxes, I have never once heard of this bond being invoked. Nevertheless, you are required to maintain a bond in this amount before you can do your first tax return for a fee.

The California Tax Education Council (CTEC) will not allow you to register as a California paid tax preparer until you have obtained this tax preparer bond. You must present a copy of your tax preparer bond, in fact, along with your application to become a CTEC-registered paid tax preparer.

In our experience, these tax preparer bonds normally cost between $35-$50 per year.

You can Google “California tax preparer bond” and you will see dozens of places where you can get a tax preparer bond.

As an added bonus for Pronto Tax Class Students, we have negotiated a special price from our long-time tax preparer bond provider, Mike Dolan at State Farm Insurance. We only recommend people that we have worked with before and know are honest and competent, so we can tell you with confidence that Mike will take care of you if you head over his way.

As a Pronto Tax Class Student, Mike and State Farm will give you a $50 tax preparer bond for three years. This amounts to less than $17 per year, which is a great price especially when you consider that you are going with State Farm, one of the largest and most reputable insurance companies in the world.

Note that we are not pressuring you to go with Mike at State Farm, and we don’t make any money if you do. We are just including this offer if you are looking to get the best price on a tax preparer bond from one of the best companies around.

To buy a tax preparer bond from Mike Dolan at State Farm Insurance, simply visit Mike Dolan’s website and he and his staff will help you out.

Make sure to tell’em Pronto sent you to get this special price of $50 for a three year tax preparer bond.

Get Tax Preparer Bond