Free Online Tax Courses or Scam?

By Jamie Waggoner

How are free online courses scamming me?

One way free online courses end up being scams is the fact they are not actually free.

They end up scamming customers with the word “free” then end up charging you for the material and books needed to even start or complete the course they are offering.

It is terrible and really annoying when you sign up and end up being charged when you thought you just found a great deal!

What online tax course is free?

Well, few are free, but Pronto Tax now offers two short 100% free courses on their newly launched website

These courses are only 30 mins each and give you just a taste to see if you are interested in becoming a tax preparer or not.

Pronto Tax is all about honesty, this company is here to help you learn about taxes not scam you like the rest.

They care about their customers not their customer’s money.

Where can I find a tax course to check out?

Again, if you are looking for a taste on what Is there for you when it comes to being a tax preparer just head over to!

The two courses there are tax deductions for beginners and tax credits for beginners.

Don’t forget, both are 100% free!

If you are hooked by one or both, you don’t need to go any further, there are the rest of the course packages on that page ranging from a variety of prices and topics!