Five Website Tips for Tax Professionals

Tax Pro Website Tips

Your business website is your business marketing tool and you need to pay attention to what it says. Keeping your website current and updated is key in converting a visitor into a new client. Your website may be the first impression for new clients. It’s easy to let your website sit around and not update anything, but I am here to tell you that Google doesn’t favor the stagnant website. Reviewing your website every few months is important to search engine optimization and Google indexing. Here is a simple list of 5 things you can review right now on your website to update your site without alot of tech know-how.

Keep It Clean

Having a clean professional looking website should be everyone’s goal who has a small business. It is very easy to start with a clean website, and as you grow, add pieces of information here, and there on the Home Page, and before you know it, the page looks crowded and busy. Take a fresh look at your home page and ask yourself, what is this site telling me? You want your site to provide your existing, and potential clients with key information that meet your business goals. So if there are too many pictures, it can be distracting. Too many headings can feel crowded. Keeping it simple and answering who you are, what you do and why someone should hire you are the best points of interest on the Home Page. You can provide full details on other pages in your website.

Use an Email Capture System

Capture your customers’ email using an Email Capture System (aka CRM). Make it easy for your clients to sign up for newsletters and updates. Send them to your website to sign up for important updates all year long. Not only will you stay connected with your clients, it gives your website some additional traffic. Remember, your website is your virtual office and your home base. So use your website as an integral part of your workflow with your clients. There are free email captures systems like Mailchimp, that provide you a snippet of code to embed on your site and set up a sign up form on your website. Your email system will provide you the details on how to do set this up from within your account.

Link to your social media accounts

Overtime you may have created a Facebook Business Page, a Linkedin Profile and a Twitter account you just don’t know what to do with yet. Well now that you have a website, it’s a good idea to include links to your different social media accounts. Some people prefer not to use their inbox for updates and information – they prefer to stay connected using social media accounts. This may also inspire to you post updates, office hour changes, deadline information and other news on these platforms about your tax business or IRS tax changes. The best thing about social media platforms is that they are free and provide you with free marketing wherever you think your potential clients will be. Use the links to have people follow you and stay connected to your business. Post some reliable facts, share some tips and drive traffic to your website using these platforms. People need to know where you on the web in order for them to connect. Make it easy.

Include Your Name

Include your name on your own website. You would be surprised at how many people have a website built, and it doesn’t include the actual name of the tax preparer, just the company name. If you are a small business owner, you need your name on the website for people to find you when they search in Google. People use Google as a phone book all the time, and if they can’t remember your business name, they will likely remember your name. Include your full name on the Contact Page, About Page, and most importantly on the Home Page. Include a brief business bio on an About page as well. People want to know there is a real person behind a website, and the more your share about your self and your business on your website, the more credibility it provides to people.

Include How You Meet With Clients

Do you meet in person with your clients? We have gone through a tech revolution since Covid, and have landed on the other side where people more comfortable with online meetings than ever before. If you are willing to meet with your clients online, let everyone know it on your site. What’s your favorite method? Zoom? Google Meet? Grab the logo and drop it on your site and place it in the footer or FAQs page, or on the Contact Page. There are those potential clients that would just prefer to be at their desk when you ask them questions about their taxes. It’s a great selling point, but many people forget to add it to their website. And if you only meet in person, that’s great too, but let everyone know on your website that how you prefer to meet with your clients face to face.

Your website is a powerful tool that you have full control over. Think of your website as your personal assistant that can answer questions on your behalf when you are not available. Place key information on your website that your customers ask you frequently. Use words on your website that your potential clients will use to find you and not the complicated tax jargon that you are familiar with. Your website is first and foremost for your clients, so think how they would perceive your site and find your site. You client is key in creating a great website that Google will love as well.

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Guest Author: Colleen Nelson. Colleen Nelson is a website developer and online marketing expert who specializes in small businesses. She has worked with Pronto Tax School for about 10 years in various website technical and advisory positions. Visit her website here.