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What Is a CTEC-Approved Education Provider and Why Should You Care (Even if You Don’t Live in California)

Become C-TEC Registered by taking the Pronto Tax Class ProgramPronto Income Tax of California, Inc. is approved by the California Tax Educational Council (CTEC) to offer both “Qualifying Education” and “Continuing Education” for California paid tax preparers.

However please note that our tax course includes 45 hours of federal instruction and is valid nationwide, it is not just a California thing. Indeed, even tax preparers in other states can benefit from our status as a CTEC-approved education provider and in this article we are going to tell you why CTEC approval is so valuable for you as a student of an online tax course.

Why CTEC Approval of Your Tax Education Provider Is So Crucial

CTEC approval of Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc. as a Qualifying Education Provider is an absolute must for the California-based tax education student for two main reasons. First of all, because you can only become a paid tax preparer in the State of California if you take a basic income tax course from a CTEC-Approved Qualifying Education Provider.

If you are considering other tax courses and are planning to do taxes for pay in the State of CA, please make sure to verify that these other courses are coming from a CTEC-Approved Qualifying Education Provider. If the class is not CTEC approved, you will not be legally allowed to do taxes in California and may be subject to a fine up to $5,000 per tax return prepared.

The second reason why CTEC approval is important for you as a student is because CTEC approval means that our educational materials have been subjected to a rigorous examination process, ensuring that you are receiving accurate and high-quality tax education–this rigorous approval process is a benefit to any potential student no matter where you live, because it ensures that you are receiving a thorough and quality online tax course.

Becoming a CTEC-Approved Provider Is Not EasyPronto Tax Class provides CTEC Approved Education

Ultimately, tax education is not just about obtaining a “piece of paper,” but about what you learn how you as the student are prepared to start doing taxes professionally.

In order to be approved by CTEC, education providers have to cover a huge variety of tax subjects and the materials are reviewed by CTEC for accuracy and quality.

By comparison, becoming an IRS-Approved Education Provider is MUCH easier than gaining CTEC approval. We know, because we are both an IRS-Approved Education Provider and a CTEC-Approved Education Provider.

There are two titles Pronto has been approved for by CTEC. The first is “Qualifying Education,” which refers to helping new tax preparers get registered with CTEC initially, that is the 60 hour tax course here at 

Second there is “Continuing Education,” which refers to helping previously registered CTEC tax preparers fulfill the CTEC and IRS yearly continuing education requirements. (Visit to see our continuing education product.)

To become a CTEC-Approved Qualifying Education (QE) Provider is far from easy, we can assure you! If you’re curious as to exactly what it takes to become a CTEC QE Provider, you can look at this link to the CTEC Qualifying Education Provider Materials page to see all the different requirements and guidelines that are in place to be able to provide Qualifying Education.

Less than 100 company names are on the list of CTEC-approved Qualifying Education Providers and we are truly honored to be on this exclusive list with big-time brands like Intuit, H&R Block, and the National Tax Training School. We thank CTEC for reviewing Pronto Tax Class and allowing us into this exclusive club.

Thank You CTEC for Upholding the Standards of Quality Tax Education

Being required to comply with CTEC’s extensive standards gave us great motivation to develop the absolute best tax course that we could make. Thanks for the challenge, CTEC! Now all Pronto Tax Class Students no matter in what state they live will benefit from our 60 hour IRS-approved and CTEC-approved online tax course.

The California Tax Education Council is one of the most respected organizations in the entire tax preparation universe, precisely because of their dedication to “vetting” tax education providers and not allowing substandard education providers to call themselves CTEC-approved.

Buy Pronto Tax Class, then, not just because it’s the most affordable online basic income tax course for tax preparers, but also because we’ve put in the hard work to meet CTEC’s guidelines so that you get quality, comprehensive basic tax education.

No matter if you live in California or not, you will benefit from CTEC’s rigorous education standards if you choose our course.

Keep in mind, too, that if you don’t live in California, you can always “opt out” of the 15 hours California education of Pronto Tax Class and just complete the 45 hours federal tax instruction which obviously is applicable nationwide.


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CTEC-Approved Income Tax Course – Pronto Tax Class