CTEC 27 days left to avoid $55 Penalty

Halloween is just around the corner. I’m sure you have already seen December decorations going up for sale which have nothing to do with Halloween.  I think Halloween and December festivities are liked about the same by everyone.  I like Halloween because it reminds me of my childhood and dressing up as my favorite character.  I still have a thing for Halloween. Now I enjoy creating my own costumes instead of buying them, it’s fun and takes my mind off the important stuff. As for December festivities, everyone seems so happy. Either we’re happy because of all the dessert we can eat or it’s a time to relax and spend time with the family.

Once again, just a little reminder that your course is available in your account. You have 27 days to complete your course and register with CTEC to avoid the $55 penalty fee. 

After October 31, you can still renew CTEC by January 15, 2022, but you would have to pay that pesky $55 late fee.

You can access your account here


If you have already completed your 20 hour course and registered, GREAT!

***double check that you renewed with CTEC by paying the yearly fee and that your account says 2021/2022***

We had numerous preparers last year forget to register with CTEC and they had to redo their 60 hour Basic course this year.


If you need any help or have any questions, just let us know.

Email is support@prontotaxschool.com or call or text us 310-422-1283 if you need help or have questions.

We are staying on top of the customer support requests and just keep in mind that we have hundreds of requests come in every day at this time of year so be patient with us and rest assured that EVERY request is important and we are working through all of the requests and questions as fast as we can for you.