Continuing Education

In the past, let’s face it, continuing education for tax professionals has been about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

At Pronto Tax School, we strive to leave that past in the past, where it belongs!

CE and CPE That’s Not Boring!

Call us crazy but we believe that continuing education for tax professionals can be both highly educational and not incredibly boring.  We believe that, if we do our job correctly as a continuing education provider, you can actually enjoy your annual tax professional continuing education.  We are on a mission to create CE that makes your life as a tax professional easier and more profitable.

Pronto Tax School CE Licenses

Pronto Tax School, Inc. is an approved continuing education provider with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS provider #MPMDK) and the California Tax Education Council (CTEC provider #6201).  As such, we are specially licensed to provide continuing education courses and CE hours for tax preparers, Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) credential holders, CTEC-Registered Tax Preparers (CTRPs), and Enrolled  Agents (EAs). 

We are also NASBA approved to provide CPE for CPAs. We are currently publishing new courses for CPE credit hours, so check our courses page for the newest course releases.

CE Courses Currently Offered

Which continuing education course(s) you need will depend of course on your credential.  Here are the primary tax professional CE courses we currently offer, so that you can quickly identify the course(s) that you need:

CPE Courses Currently Offered

Here are the latest CPE courses we offer:

Contact Us About Bulk or Custom Orders

If you need a certain number of hours for your credential, you’re not sure which course is right for you, or you just want to talk over your continuing education options, please feel free to reach our support team via email or call us 310-422-1283 (text message OK on this number too).  We often customize different packages based on your particular needs and goals.

The Best CE Tax Education Provider For You

Even if you don’t end up buying one of our courses, we still can typically point you in the right direction.  Of course we will hope to help you with one of our courses, but we do have friendly relations with numerous other education providers and depending on what you need, we are not afraid to send you to a different education provider if they have the right solution for you.

Fast, Convenient CE Courses

At Pronto Tax School, we have a dream that continuing tax education will not just be one of those “check the box, let’s get this over with” experiences, but will actually be relevant to your real life as a tax professional, super-convenient, and maybe even fun.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

If you want to check out what continuing education options we offer for tax professionals, simply click here to view our comprehensive library of tax training resources.

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