Pronto Tax Class vs. Other Tax Courses

Dare to Compare Pronto Tax Class to Other Basic Income Tax Courses

On this page, you will find a competitive matrix comparing Pronto Tax Class to other CTEC-approved 60 hour basic income tax course options. We realize that you have choices and we are hoping that this document can help you choose the basic income tax course that is right for your needs and goals.

Please understand that while we always make all efforts to be truthful about competitor tax courses, products and prices provided by our competitors may have changed without our knowledge. With that in mind, please use this document as a general guideline and feel free to double-check all information as necessary by contacting the education provider(s) directly.  Also please note that all of the company names included on this document are the trademarked property of their respective owners.

You can view the Pronto Tax Class vs. Other Tax Courses document here:

Pronto Tax Class Vs. Other Tax Courses Downloadable PDF Document – Click Here to View

Thank you for taking the time to compare Pronto Tax Class to other Basic Income Tax Courses and good luck with making the best choice for you — if you have further questions feel free to email or call us 310-422-1283! 🙂