ChatGPT for Tax Pros – Live Webinar

Join Pronto Tax School’s Live Webinar This Friday February 17th, 2023 to Discuss CHATGPT

You’ve probably heard about this new ChatGPT artificial intelligence “situation”…a computer program that can think, talk, and write like a human being or pretty close to it.


  • Is ChatGPT something that tax pros should care about and pay attention to?
  • Maybe we can even use it somehow?

That’s why we’re doing a new webinar with CPA and tax technology expert Adam Shay to discuss ChatGPT and its applicability (or not) to your life as a tax professional.

Few quick details:

Here’s what you’ll learn on the webinar:

  1. Is ChatGPT a useful tool for tax pros?
  2. CPA Adam Shay’s experience using ChatGPT (pros and cons).
  3. Best use cases for ChatGPT for Tax Pros.
  4. Can you use ChatGPT for tax research?
  5. Other AI tools that tax pros may want to watch and/or test for themselves.

You’ll walk away from this webinar understanding ChatGPT better and knowing if this new tool should be added to your tax practitioner’s toolbox.

Remember to bring your questions, as we will leave ample time for robust Q & A and open discussion.

Recording of the webinar will be provided for all Dream Team Members and also all $37 ticket purchasers, in case you can’t attend live.