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How to Handle Tax Forms that Are More Confusing than Hieroglyphics

If you do a significant number of tax returns, you will, without a doubt, run into situations where you have little to no idea what you are doing. This is fairly common experience for new tax preparers. Continue reading to learn more.

Tax News Update for 2013

Pronto Tax School Newsletter

Renew | Tax News Update | January 2013


Here is a small taste of the kind of tax update information you will get when you buy our 20 hour tax update course.

Effective for Tax Year 2013:

A top tax rate of 39.6% (up from 35%) will be imposed on individual making more than $400,000 a year, $425,000 for head of household, and $450,000 for married filing joint.

The 2% Social Security tax reduction is now history (ended 12/31/2012).

The maximum capital gains tax will rise from 15% to 20% for individuals taxed at the 39.6% rates (those making $400,000, $425,000, or $450,000 depending on filing status, as noted above).