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What are the Continuing Education Requirements for Enrolled Agents?

What are the Continuing Education Requirements for Enrolled Agents?

By Tim Frye

As if becoming an enrolled agent wasn’t difficult enough, there are strict continuing education requirements demanded from current enrolled agents.  The regular tax preparer is held to the standard twenty hours of continuing education yearly, but the enrolled agents are treated differently when it comes to continuing education.  And as the IRS grows less and less lenient on tax preparers and their inadequacies, these requirements will grow stricter with the passing of time. This article will expound upon the continuing education requirements of enrolled agents and how exactly the process is to be completed.


IRS Not Processing New Tax Preparer PTINs Right Now

IRS PTIN System Overloaded, Not Yet Processing New Tax Preparer PTINs

We heard from a Pronto Tax Class Student today that she was not able to get her Preparer Tax Identificatin Number (PTIN) from the IRS website. Normally, new tax preparers are able to get their PTINs completely online at:,,id=210909,00.html. But now it appears that the IRS system is not processing new tax preparer PTIN applications, they are only renewing PTINs for existing tax preparers.

What is the deal, when will IRS start processing PTIN applications for new tax preparers?

Click “read more” link below to see what we’ve found out about this issue, also here is a link to the IRS PTIN video so you can keep in mind the overall IRS PTIN initiative: