The “Tax Preparer Apocalypse” Has Been Canceled

Although this whole COVID-19 Crisis has been brutal in so many different ways, there are some silver linings for tax professionals. Expert tax professionals who have been truly “there” for our clients through these hard times are enjoying much higher levels of appreciation from clients. And more earning power in our careers than ever before.

Indeed, the days of clients (and potential clients) “threatening” tax professionals that they’re going to do their own taxes unless you give them ABC dirt cheap price or otherwise “obey” their absurd demands are OVER.

As we head towards the last major tax prep deadline of the year (October 15), we’ll surely encounter some stressed out clients and potential clients who think they are going to tell US “how it needs to be” or else they’re going to go use the TurboTax® or their Cousin Vinnie can do their taxes for $20, or whatever.

  • If you’re not yet in the habit of calling that bluff, now would be a great time to start.
  • Because we have EARNED the respect over the past few insane years, have we not?  Because getting respect starts with respecting ourselves, does it not?
  • The power has shifted, and expert tax professionals are in the driver’s seat, now.  

​If you’re looking to build your expertise not only in the “technicals” of tax work but also in the crucial areas of client communications and client service, we want to help you.  We’ve got update & refresher course packages for all major credentials and we just installed all the “Version 2” updates:

They need you, and they know it — and continuing to increase your expertise in BOTH mastering technical tax work AND mastering client interactions will give you  more and more leverage as the industry continues to shake out.

Oh and also, your clients love that kind of confidence and leadership, FYI!